workshop B: Demonstration children's interactive history gallery

Duration: 2 hours                                 Cost: Individual $80.00; Groups of  (4-6) $250.00

Pre-requiste: Workshop A

​This workshop is designed for teachers, parents or anyone working with children to engage in a hands-on demonstration of how to conduct your own "Children's Interactive History Gallery".   It squarely builds upon the first Cultural Empowerment 101 workshop by providing youth development practitioners with an actual demonstration of some of the techniques covered in the resource book.   Participants will engage in multi-media and hands-on activities designed to teach the techniques involved in presenting an interactive gallery of history to young children.  

children's interactive history gallery

Duration: 2 hours                                 Cost: Call for Rates

Looking for a cool way to engage children in learning history? Our Children's Interactive History Gallery highlights the lives and accomplishments of selected "great persons" and includes hands-on activities for children of all ages.  Participants will engage in living history as they interact with the exhibits through a variety of experiences, including reading, movement, games, dress-up and much more! This activity is perfect for those wishing to immerse children in history in a fun, interactive way.  Our innovative approach won us a White House Arts and Humanities award and has impacted more than 10,000 children since we began.  Schedule your tour of the gallery today!! We can bring the Gallery to your site.  Call 240-286-3765 or email info@nmconsulting.org for more information and to register.

pd: cultural empowerment series

Workshop A: Cultural Empowerment 101    

Duration: 2 hours                     Cost: Individual $80.00                Groups of 4-6  250.00

Our 2-hour workshop is designed to equip educators, parents and youth workers with a proven technique.  It is based the educational work of various practitioners who, for more than two decades, used history and cultural empowerment to educate and inspire children.  In fact, the technique taught in this workshop has positively impacted over 10,000 child participants and has won numerous awards for M.O.M.I.E’s TLC (including: the White House Arts & Humanities award, the D.C. Community Foundation Linowes award, and others).  

This technique, known as the “Tellin’ Children Process” or the “Great Person Series,” is an arts and humanities based method that uses biography, story-telling, role play and other interactive/creative activities as an exciting way to study and teach history.  The “Tellin’ Children Process” highlights unsung heroes and prominent figures of the past and present in an effort to educate and motivate students in after-school and in-school settings. 

In this dynamic workshop, you will be provided with a detailed resource book and helpful, user friendly techniques on how to use the power of real-life stories to motivate children to be positive change makers.  We will engage participants in a hands-on practical training and a theoretical discussion about how this and other culturally responsive teaching strategies (as theoretically described by scholars like Geneva Gay, Gloria Ladson-Billings and others).