another chance to "get it right":  supporting the adolescent

If you are like most parents out there today, you may feel a sense of dread and impending doom as you realize that your child is now a teenager--particularly if you feel that there might have been some things that you should have done when your child was younger that you somehow did not do; or you did some things you wish you hadn't done.  Either way, the good news is that now you get a chance to "do it over" and correct some of the mistakes of the past.  Find out how you can support your adolescent as he/she grows into adulthood.

parent workshops

Duration: 90 minutes                          Cost: $15.00 per person per session or $85.00 for all 6 sessions

Cultural empowerment and creative expression

​​In this workshop, we will explore the Montessori approach enriching the child's development through creative activities like art and music as well as the Montessori approach to helping the child learn and participate in his/her culture as we look at how children learn culture.  We will engage in multi-media presentations and hands-on demonstrations of how to introduce culturally enriching and creative activities to children.

What you need to know about your 3 - 6 year old

​The child from 3-6 years old has very unique and distinct characteristics that need a specially prepared environment.  This is the period when the child's personality, developed during the first three years of life, becomes evident.  Find out what these needs are so that you can support your child's growing independence and help her develop great communication, concentration and a love of work and learning.  You will be amazed at the things your child is capable of doing, so come and find out how you can be a help and not a hindrance.

supporting your "cultural explorer": the 6 - 12 year old

Dr. Montessori says that it is during this time that the child's moral development begins in earnest.  Now the child is in the second plane of development and begins to display totally new characteristics and has very different needs--don't be surprised if your child suddenly does not want to be seen with you.  This workshop will explore the world of the second plane child and give you information on how you can best support your cultural explorer, keeping in mind that now he/she is exploring the cosmos.  

the spiritual development of the child: a montessori approach

If you are interested in your child's spiritual development, then this workshop is for you.  Find out how the Montessori approach supports your child's inner development and what you can do to help your child make that important connection to his/her inner teacher, leading to the development of the heart.

the importance of the 1st three years of life

The first three years of life are the most important in the development of human beings.  In this workshop, you will find out how the Montessori approach to education can begin at birth and explore basic Montessori principles that are designed to be an aid to life and human development.  This is the period where the foundation for later success in life is being laid--find out what you can do to ensure that your child maximizes on all the opportunities.