pd: ​understanding montessori series: the Basics

Duration: 90 MIN                                                                          

COST: IND: $20.00 per session                     GROUPS: $15.00 PER PERSON per session 

​In these informative workshops, you will explore the theory behind the principles and practices that make Montessori education so unique.  These workshops last for about 90 minutes and give you a broad overview of these proven educational methods, developed over 100 years ago by Dr. Maria Montessori.

montessori and the four planes of human development

In this engaging workshop, we will examine Dr. Montessori's theory of human development as we look at the specific needs and characteristics of the child in each stage of development.  We will also examine how the Montessori prepared environment is designed to support the child at each stage of development.

montessori and the adolescent

Many people are unaware that Montessori education goes beyond early childhood.  Find out how the Montessori approach to education is applied to the adolescent and explore the principles and practices involved in working with the young adult, supporting their development into adulthood.

Got montessori?​                                                             

​In this workshop, we will explore the origins of the Montessori approach to education as we look at the life of Dr. Maria Montessori and how she came to develop her methods. Participants will engage in discussions and multi-media presentations as you learn about the impact of Montessori education and how Montessori theory and practice is supported by current educational and child development research.

What's going on in there? montessori and the brain    

In this workshop, we will look at the young child, from birth to age 6 and what is going on in the brain as the child grows and develops through infancy to early childhood.  We will explore such topics as the "absorbent mind" and "executive functioning" and look at how current research in brain development supports Montessori principles and practice.